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Repatriation from Germany to Israel

You want to repatriate to Israel, but you have to wait for a consular verification in your country for a long time? You can make aliyah much faster if you submit documents to Israeli Consulate in Chisinau (Molodova). Think it’s difficult? Go and intrust your repatriation to International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, and you will see the real result!
We offer you a ready-made algorithm of steps, as well as comprehensive assistance and support of our team:

Collect documents proving that you are subject to the Law of Return. Any documents and photos that connect you with Judaism will suit.
Arrive in Chisinau (Moldova), apply to the Consulate of Israel (the consul receives there very often) and sign up for a consular verification by phone:
+ 37360485871 (WhatsApp, Viber)
Pass a consular verification at the Consulate of Israel and obtain a visa for permanent residence.

Contact the representatives of International Fellowship of Christians and Jews and sign up for a flight by filling in this formhttps://bit.ly/3YfTJlM

Why it is worth to repatriate with International Fellowship of Christians and Jews?

  • You will be provided with housing and food in Chisinau
  • You will be given advice and information on all stages of aliyah process
  • We’ll buy tickets for your flight to Israel
  • Assistance upon arrival at the airport
  • Accompanying repatriates during first six months upon arrival

By repatriating with International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, you receive the following benefits:

  •  You can take up to 3 pieces of baggage with a total weight of 69 kg + hand luggage
  • Organization of a meeting of repatriates at Ben Gurion airport in Tel-Aviv
  • Financial assistance in addition to “integration subsidy”, provided by the government
  •  Information support in Israel: seminars, events, lectures, etc.

Entrust your aliyah to International Fellowship of Christians and Jews and your repatriation will be easy and fast!
Fill in this form and our representative will contact you: https://bit.ly/3YfTJlM